photo of water raining down on plants

“About 15 of us at the magazine started using Maxsea, it’s only been a week, but I can really see a difference. WOW, THIS IS GREAT STUFF.”


Good for your plants and kind to the earth

MAXSEA combines the best of nature and technology. We blend the finest natural seaweed with important secondaries, micronutrients and the purest plant foods available.

The resulting complexes are remarkably effective, easy-to-use concentrates that dissolve instantly and completely in water... for fast acting, immediate results. In solution, MAXSEA's natural brown granules turn dark seaweed green and have the fresh, clean aroma of the sea... a pleasure to use and completely safe for the environment.

Professional growers and home gardeners alike tell us our MAXSEA plant foods are the finest available anywhere. We're very proud of that.