Welcome to Maxsea. We are a small, family-owned company with one simple goal: to make the very best garden products on the market using the natural resources around us.

My name is John Dimmick, and I have loved horticulture my whole life. As a young child, I was introduced to organic farming by a rather eccentric local gardener and I’ve been captivated ever since. I founded the company that would come to include Maxsea in 1967 as a venture that would repurpose wasted sawdust and bark from my family’s sawmill operations. My first product was an orchid-growing medium utilizing chipped redwood bark.

Pleased with the success of the orchid product, I created a line of organic potting soils and custom growing media. Then, in the mid 1980’s, I set my sights on fertilizer. I had long been fascinated by the benefits of seaweed and so began working with soluble seaweed granules, blending them with organics and food grade ingredients to create a superior product to nurture gardens and help them thrive. Our first Maxsea Plant Food formula was offered for sale in 1989.

Every aspect of our business is small and handcrafted, and so we conduct sales accordingly. Maxsea sells to high-quality independent nurseries, garden centers and garden professionals. We do not sell to discount chains or big box retailers. Our Maxsea dealers are among the top nurseries and garden centers in the United States.


Owners: John and Michelle Dimmick

John and Michelle are avid and passionate gardeners who divide their time between homes in Southern Humboldt County, where the manufacturing facility is located, and Marin County, just outside San Francisco.

Michelle is a graduate of the California School of Culinary Arts and as such, she makes fantastic use of the bounty from the vegetable garden. John, in addition to manufacturing garden products, owned and operated a retail nursery and garden supply for 20 years.

The Crew: Jerry Lee, Mitch & Heath Garner (left to right)

Jerry Lee, General Manager. Jerry has been with Maxsea since 1999, where he does everything from answering calls to filling Maxsea containers. A true jack-of-all-trades and expert on our business, Jerry is our go-to guy. If you are a garden professional who would like to purchase Maxsea, or you are interested in becoming a Maxsea dealer, please feel free to give Jerry a call.

Mitch Garner, Plant Superintendent. Mitch came to work for Maxsea just after High School in 1997. He now oversees our plant and manages the yard. Mitch is also a maestro of the BBQ grill, where he prepares gourmet lunches all summer long.

Heath Garner, Production. Heath is Mitch’s younger brother. He started with Maxsea as part time summer help in 2003. Today, he is with us full time, leading our production efforts.

Maxsea is a great place to work! Schedules are flexible and the crew is a dedicated, close-knit team. Where else can you have a company vegetable garden, grill burgers for lunch and bring your dog to work everyday?

Director of Sales & Marketing: Mary Hatch

Mary Hatch has been actively involved with our company since the inception of our Maxsea product line. She was our first sales rep and Maxsea was her first product line.

Today, Mary oversees marketing and manages the independent sales representatives who sell Maxsea. She is a consummate “people person” who is well known and well respected throughout the nursery industry.

Mary is a native of Martinez California, where she resides with her husband Bob and their Black Labrador, Molly.

The Canine Crew

Molly, Black Labrador
Kya, Jack Russell Terrier
Deuce, French Bulldog
Cino, Pit Bull
Princesa “Chica” Dominga de La Manzanilla, Mixta